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New women Marriage Age Act 2021| Child Act #Mandatory 21

The proposal to raise the minium age of marriage for women from 18 to 21 was cleared by the union cabinet on December 15, a year after prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the plan is under review. Following the cabinet’s approval , the Government will introduce an amendment to the prohibition of child Marriage act,2006, and consequently bring amendment to the special marriage act and personal laws such as the Hindu marriage act,1955.


Women Marriage act -Not for population control

Exited provisions Women Marriage act

Historical Women Marriage act

New women Marriage Act 2021

India had a Law prescribing the minimum age of marriage,known as the sarda Act,1929 later renamed as the child Marriage Restraint Act,(CMRA) 1929.

statistics of Girls Marriage act

Pros of increasing Marriageable age

Cons of increasing Marriageable age

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