UPI |How UPI becoming a powerful payment system FAQ 2022

unique payment settlement system in the world developed by india. National payment corporation of india developed UPI in 2016. After its lunch, many experts doubtful about the sucess of the system at one time. Today he shocked for upi popularity in india. RBI has entered into a pact with central banks of other countries to tap the huge potential of the international financial. In our country financial inclusion and Digital literacy UPI Credit cards and debit cards,Net Banking and e wallets type a platform established. She was always different one of Banking services. Today in this article explore UPI every details.

Impact created by UPI which has attracted financial experts from all over the world including india. UPI became domestic & international possibilities that can make India a leader in global financial settlement in the times to come. For money transfers many options available for users like debit cards, credit cards,net banking and e wallets. But in this UPI one of Superior of simplecity a better option in users application in india. Fewer steps in UPI ensures the payment in minium time and with less friction.

in internet Banking first you have enter your user ID and password to login. Then after complete a transaction first you have enter receive OTP in your register mobile number. similarly Using to debit card and credit cards, Card holder name, card number and expiry date and extra details add on a transaction. If same thing see as UPI then for a transaction you have only enter your UPI I’d and payment request direct sending in your UPI app. Now you only open your app and for confrom payment enter your 4 digit upi pin and payment was completed.

in NetBanking for peer to peer transaction you have a complete details of beneficiary like account no, full name and extra add on transaction from then you have waiting a hour for complete transaction But in UPI using full different and simple. No UPI users (who not using UPI) she was receive payment directly Bank account through Upi using Direct Bank account and isfc code. No people active on UPI platform a UPI user using only account no and isfc code send money and beneficiaries received payment directly Bank account.

Dear friends if compair UPI to E wallet. This place UPI a better platform form to e wallet. E wallet support to transfer payment not using beneficiary But first you have load your e wallet then you can payment. To using e wallet needs a separate KYC documents filled by users in UPI cases no need to any additional KYC process. After see all compair Unless government no charge on a UPI transaction up to that time UPI always a better option like ease, simplicity, security parameters India’s best payment options shall remain.

Upi replacing other payment options india

NPCI was lunched by the government. Through RBI in August 2016 to crub black money and bring maximum transaction under tax purview. In the reason the formal Economy majority of the players besically a big amounts of small business man. All small business man are money saving in dominate process. And this reason India government through RBI lunched NPCI IN August 2016. Initially npci launch UPI facing some problem.but time to time UPI proof her credibility. NPCI conducted 2.8 billion transaction whose value was Rs 5,47,373 crore. In March 2021 UPI had conducted 2.73 BILLION transaction valued at RS 5.04 Lakh crores.

Amount was seen when the second Lockdown felt in india. Some analysts a golden opportunity for this lockdown. UPI famous for this lockdown. That time every one integrate in UPI platform. If these figures are analysed , then we can see that on average every transaction , about 2000 has been transferred.

Deepak abbot said” In the coming time , UPI may not increase at the rate of 10% , but UPI growth trajectory will remain”.

through most of the UPI transactions are done on peer to peer basic peer to merchant transaction have seen growth in the last few month. While more and more users are getting connected to apply due to one or the other conveyance the same lockdown has also forced retailer to adopt to payment option to continue their business. Upi has trapped dormons where card use was not prevent and has become a threat for Major card payment solution provider. Up driving digital adoption in smaller cities where small business people are moving towards Digital solution.

UPI FAQ 2022
UPI FAQ 2022

Up overtaken cars and you will need to become the top choice in payment system. RBI is going to sign a pact with the monetary authority of Singapore to link upi with pay now of Singapore. Singapore has already started at accepting bhim upi in its merchant location. Bhutan was the first country to adopt UPI a standard for its QR code.

This payment system was launched by in IPL the international arm of npci which entered into partnership with the royal monetary authority of Bhutan. Network international the digital commerce in middle East and Africa has signed a mou with India to launch upi in UAE. The global pandemic opportunity to offer India to play a big role in global financial order. India can overtake China with its user-friendly up in the global financial system India has the age of on based global political role and hug market.

the segment of small and medium businesses Steel prefer cash transaction due to their concern about the impact of UPI on their taxes.

UPI FAQ 2022

Phone pe UPI FAQ 2022

what is upi pin

UPI Pin is a secure 4 digit or 6 digit number UPI pin mandatory for every transaction. you can set your UPI pin creating time for login a UPI system like Phonepe , Google pay, Amazon pay and Paytm

how to reset upi pin in phonepe

open your phonepe app on your mobile
Tap to your profile on phonepe
select to change or reset password
Enter your old password
Enter your New password
Confrom your new password
Now your UPI pin was reset/changed

How can I set my UPI pin online of my Bank of Baroda account without ATM or debit card?

No, You can not set online UPI pin without atm or debit card.as per Government security issues. For opening any UPI and digital payment platform digitaly and physically verification is mandatory.

If I wrongly entered my UPI pin three times then can I use my debit card to withdraw money from that A/C before 24 hours

Yes, you can Use Debit cards for withdrawal money in 24 hours. If you enter 3 times wrong UPI Pin, your UPI apps only Block your transaction only through UPI. You can not withdraw through UPI application

I have updated UPI pin many times still phonepe and GPAY shows to reset it.

If you update your UPI pin phonepe and Google pay. Then only 1minutes time for updated database.
and then you can use your New UPI pin

I have set the UPI pin successfully but transactions are failed What is the reason

if you can recently changed your UPI pin then for sometime 10 to 15 minute.One time cheak your Bank Balance, if showing your balance then sucessfully changed your UPI pin. Now you can unlimited transaction through UPI application

How to crack UPI pin?ย 

No, Not ๐Ÿค” thinking to Crack UPI Pin. If you think for crack UPI pin. NPCI send your all database central security department NIA,Delhi Cyber Cell. it’s impossible for Upi users๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†. If you install screen recorder app like anydesk and other screen recorder for security reasons Warning โš ๏ธ Button showing on your device… And hidden your UPI pin. not try this at home

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