Draupadi Murmu: Murmu's brother said- Didi will take oath then I will come to rashtrapati bhavan to see, don't eat onions and garlic

Tarinisen Tudu, brother of Draupadi Murmu, says that the kind of food that Didi likes is being arranged in her village,

Aparbeda, and the town of Rairangpur, the town of the beginning of her political journey. 

He says that Draupadi Murmu likes to eat plain and vegetarian food. Even Draupadi Murmu doesn't even use onions and garlic in her food...

There is a celebratory atmosphere in the village of Arpeda of the country's future President Draupadi Murmu. On the one hand, 

the traditional dance-song is being organized, on the other hand, the arrangement of feast-water has started for the people of the whole area.

The people of Draupadi Murmu's village and surrounding areas have taken leave on Thursday. 

The house of the village of 'Draupu Didi' is so crowded that each other's voices are not heard.

। In such a busy atmosphere, Tarnisen Tudu, the younger brother of Draupadi Murmu, 

spoke to Amar Ujala.com over the phone. He said that once Didi becomes the President,

we will all come to see the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Here are excerpts from the conversation.