Netflix's Yu Yu Hakusho reveals first look at Yusuke

which is all set to arrive on Netflix in winter 2023. With the streaming service working on a piece and adaptation of Avatar The Last Airbender,

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that actor Takumi Kitamura will be playing Yusuke Urameshi in the live-action adaptation of U U U Hakusho, 

 Netflix seems to be all in it when it comes to taking the new on some old favourites. now

 Following the announcement, Netflix has released the first look on Kitamura in costume as the top emotion detective of the Shownan series that remains a fan-favourite anime franchise decades after its debut.

 telling the story of the criminal Yusuke Uramassia,

While Kitamura remains the only cast member to disclose so far, 

 as he is brought back to life after a tragic accident and tasked with fighting against monsters as a soul detective.

Yu Yu Hakusho first started out as a manga in the 1990s,

there are many other characters from the series made by Yoshihiro Togashi that fans are dying to see in this live-action series.